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How to fix zipper correctly

If you have a dress or pair of trousers with a defective zipper, you cannot wear them, but you can always repair the zipper. If you manage to wear it, it will tear in different places. Zippers are really useful, but there are times when they cause you problems:, remember a zipper can be fixed to ensure they are effective. Since it’s embarrassing to be caught in an open, broken zipper, here’s how to fix zipper correctly.


These materials are required:


Needles, thread pins, scissors, needle-nosed pliers sewing machine, and seam unpicked


The first thing you need to do is determine what type of zipper you need to repair Spend some time: it takes five to ten minutes to repair the zipper, and half an hour to an hour to replace it.




How to

1. Using pliers, carefully remove the metal zipper stop. This is a small strip found below that works by stopping the slider when you try to open the zipper. It may seem a little complicated to you, but if you put effort into it, you will succeed. If you cannot find a pair of pliers, a blunt kitchen knife or screwdriver can do the trick. But be careful!


2. After removing the metal stop, move the slider down to the bottom of the zipper, just below the teeth on the bottom. Do not take it out completely.

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3. Now you need to redirect the teeth of the zipper so that it evenly snaps. Use your fingers and position your teeth so that one side is not completely crowded. Straighten your teeth correctly.


4. Start Smart zipping the zipper upwards about halfway, carefully following the correct fixation of the teeth. Do this procedure carefully until you are sure that the zipper works straight again.


5. Get the needle and thread tight. Using them, sew around the area where there was an old metal stop. Your goal is to replace the stop only with the thread. Continue sewing and loosening the bottom of the zipper firmly. At least six to seven stitches will do this. Add more extra stitches as needed. If you are sure that it is safe, tie a knot in the back of the zipper and cut the excess thread.


6. Pull the zipper upwards, all the way until it reaches the top. If you properly do it, the zipper won’t catch anymore.


7. If the zipper becomes misaligned again, you can simply remove the stitches with a seam ripper and repeat the process.


Broken zippers can ruin a great outfit. Solve this unpleasant dilemma immediately with this simple procedure. It can work with any type of zipper, whether it be clothes, bags, or even furniture covers. This is much better than a complete replacement of all lightning.



You will need to replace the zipper if it cannot be repaired. This requires a sewing machine. By tearing the seam, you can remove the old zipper from the seam. Remember how the old zipper was inserted and what seams were made. You need a lot of sewing lines for zipper pants. You can follow the instructions on the zipper packaging top sew it on properly. Put the zipper in place with a pin and sew it like an old zipper. For this procedure, you must have a leg with a zipper.

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