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10 Tips To Gain Weight

Aiming to gain weight is a common goal for many people around the world, however, the process is not always so simple. Sometimes, eating more food is not enough, but it’s necessary to follow a series of guidelines to successfully gain a few pounds.

I Am 50 kg – How To Gain Weight?

Gain Weight

Putting on weight involves a larger learning process than most people expect. This is because there are many factors that play an important role in gaining weight without putting health at risk.

Undergoing this journey requires knowing about proper food choices, exercise plans, and even better sleeping habits. Otherwise, you could foster the appearance of some health issues in the future.

Here are 10 tips to gain weight in a healthy and consistent way as a 50 kg person.

Schedule more meals

Gain Weight

To start gaining weight it’s necessary to increase our daily calorie intake. Therefore, we need to add up a couple of meals to our traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even one more meal a day is enough to see positive results, as long as these meals are large enough in relation to our bodies. However, eating 5 to 6 meals every day it’s the most frequent indication to quickly gain more weight.

Another way to work around the need of consuming more food is by eating more in less time. In case a tight schedule only allows you to prepare three meals, you can always eat more food than usual to add the extra calories your body requires.

The first weeks of the process are usually the hardest, as the stomach is not used to the higher calorie intake. For skinny people, they can start by adding around 500 calories to their diets and then increase that number up to 1,000 calories. Just remember, you need to be consistent in order to maintain the weight gain.

Lift weights

Gain Weight

To be stronger and trigger muscle gain – which consequently makes you gain weight – it’s necessary to lift weights. The heavier the better.

A compound exercise such as Deadlifts and Squads, or just free weight exercises, are very effective at turning the extra food intake into useful muscle all around the body. Remember to gradually lift heavier weights over time to keep gaining muscle weight.

In addition to building muscle, lifting weights also increases testosterone levels for higher energy throughout the day.

Eat high-protein foods

Gain Weight

It’s not only about eating more but also about eating smarter. High-protein foods such as steaks, eggs, fish, and legumes are great allies for every person trying to gain weight.

High-protein foods increase muscle mass, which is essential when also following weight training. Following that, consuming more protein will result in a healthy weight gain.

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Ideally, every meal during the day should contain a portion of protein. The following are some of the most recommended proteins sources for skinny guys:

  • Whole eggs
  • Steaks
  • Salmon
  • Chicken breast
  • Cottage cheese

Increase the carbs and healthful fats in your diet

Gain Weight

The human body needs to consume at least 300 more calories than it burns to gain weight. Nevertheless, because of metabolism and daily activities, putting on weight can become really difficult.

For this purpose, the key is to optimize the eating plan by adding caloric dense foods. These caloric dense foods include those high in carbs and fat, which help the person create a caloric surplus while eating less food.

However, there are specific caloric dense foods that underweight people should seek to include in their diets. These foods are fibrous carbohydrates and healthful fats such as:

  • Brown rice
  • Beans
  • Avocado
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable oils

Fibrous carbs and healthful fats provide high amounts of calories and nutrients for the body. These elements will be necessary to support the weight gain over time, as they will serve as an energy source for daily activities including exercise regimes.

Replace meals with smoothies and shakes

Gain Weight

An intelligent approach to consume the most possible calories for gaining weight is replacing a large meal with a high-calorie shake.

In the first place, high-calorie smoothies and shakes are easier to digest than a large meal, making it more appealing for the person. Besides, these shakes provide multiple nutrients just like regular meals, but with the added benefit of not making the person feel overly full.

Moreover, milk is one of the most important elements to add to a weight gain diet. Consequently, having a high-calorie shake every day should be among the priorities of everyone trying to increase their body-weight.

Have enough sleep

 Gain Weight

Sleeping for at least 7 hours during the night provides endless benefits for a person’s health. For people trying to gain weight, having enough sleep will help their muscles recover adequately.

Improving muscle mass is a key factor for gaining weight in a healthy way. Otherwise, the extra calories and fat intake might cause the person to develop obesity-related diseases.

Besides, sleeping enough hours helps our metabolism and gives us the necessary energy to workout and comply with all our meals.

Visit a professional dietitian

Gain Weight

This is one of the most important points to have in mind when trying to gain weight quickly but also safely. A nutrition expert can help by providing you with a diet specifically made to meet your needs. The dietitian will have in mind several factors including your weight, height, and food allergies to create a healthy and effective plan.

Additionally, you can keep track of your progress with periodic visits. This is especially helpful in case you are not seeing the results you expected so that the dietitian can adequately adjust your diet.

A registered dietitian could even give you advice on exercise routines to boost your weight gain program.

Keep track of your calorie intake

Gain Weight

The follow up of weight gaining programs involves keeping track of both calorie intake and weekly weight gain.

Underweight people should not weight themselves every day, as different elements can make them see fluctuations that end up bringing unnecessary doubts about the diet. At the same time, skinny people should keep a register of all the calories they consume each day during the week.

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After a week, compare your current weight to your previous weight seven days ago. In case there was a weight gain, continue eating the same amount of calories as you are already consuming more calories than the ones you burn.

Otherwise, it’s time to increase your calorie intake compared to last week’s. Add up around 500 calories to your daily meals, and repeat the process until you start gaining weight on a consistent basis.

It’s worth to notice that after several continued weeks of weight gain, it will be necessary to increase calorie intake once again. The reason for this is that the human body burns more calories as it gets bigger, meaning you will have to compensate that extra burn in order to keep increasing your body-weight.

Avoid vegetables in excess

 Gain Weight

There is no doubt about the multiple benefits of vegetables for our health. However, underweight people can’t rely too much on vegetables if their goal is to gain weight.

Eating vegetables in excess can result in being full but not reaching the required calorie intake for gaining weight. Instead, complement vegetables with caloric-dense foods to assure a high-calorie intake before you feel satisfied.

Furthermore, another way to optimize your eating is by consuming easy-to-chew vegetables and fruits. This way, you make less effort when eating, leaving you with energy to consume more food and gain more weight.

Be consistent

 Gain Weight

Reaching the recommended calorie intake every day is essential for people trying to gain weight. Eating less every other day will negatively impact the pace at which the person wants to increase weight.

Although it can be hard to follow a high-calorie diet in the beginning, in a short time it becomes considerably simple. The difficulty at the start is due to the stomach not being used to such an elevated intake, but soon after it stretches to adapt to this new eating regime.

Don’t feel discouraged in case you start slow, make the adjustments pointed by the dietitian and don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Knowing How To Gain Weight Is A Must For Your Well-being

 Gain Weight

Being underweight and having a difficult time trying to gain weight is often an overlooked problem. Although obesity or being too skinny both can carry health issues in the long-term, the former usually receives larger attention.

In fact, several studies suggest that being underweight can be even more dangerous than being obese. The risks associated with being too skinny include diseases such as osteoporosis, fertility problems, and early death.

Due to medical reasons, some people are unable to put on weight and build muscle mass. Nevertheless, a person can fix this issue by eating large amounts of food and working out most of the time. For this purpose, you can safely rely on the previously mentioned tips to overcome your lack of weight.

Improve both your appearance and your health by effectively gaining weight from today. Remember to be consistent and to seek professional help whenever needed.

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