chicago-style deep dish pizza

2021-Tips for Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Chicago-style deep dish pizza, also called Chicago-style pizza, is a style of pizza characterized by very thick semi-sweet dough and deep sides containing filling. The crust is supported with cornmeal and baked in a round pan that has much higher sides than other styles of pizza. Deep dish pizza typically have cheese and tomato sauce on top of the cheese layer, followed by ingredients such as meats or vegetables. Some variations add garlic butter to the base before adding the toppings.


Chicago’s Pizzeria Uno invented this variation in 1943; when Uno’s son noted how many customers were ordering their traditional thin-crust pies “cut,” he suggested baking it in a deep pie plate with high sides and a thick crust like Sicilian-style. The pan was originally used to make baked confections.

chicago-style deep dish pizza

A form of deep-dish pizza, known as “stuffed pizza,” was invented in the 1950s by Ike Sewell at his bar and restaurant called Pizzeria Due (the second Pizzeria Uno opened in 1955). Sewell’s innovation was to add a second, deeper layer of dough over the cheese and other toppings. Chicago Magazine states that, “The extra crust meant more surface area for sauce – which translates into more flavor – and it kept the cheese from burning.” According to Frances and Anthony Principi (who ran Uno’s), Sewell made this change when he noted how much people were enjoying eating can pie with ice cream on top after a meal of steak and baked potatoes.


Cast iron deep dish pizza is typically baked in a round pan with high sides, which forces the dough to climb up the sides of the pan while baking, forming a “bowl” shaped crust that does not collapse when it is removed from the oven. Cheese and toppings are added on top of this layer, then pepperoni underneath the cheese for easier baking of dried meats such as salami.


Although many Chicago-style deep dish pizza recipe use a thick type of mozzarella cheese (usually low-moisture), others use traditional mozzarella or even cheddar, neither of which contain gluten so they do not need to be avoided by those eating gluten free. Some Costco deep dish pizza include more than one type of cheese.

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Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Pizzerias offer a choice of regular pizza sauce or pesto. Some pizza hut deep dish have a layer of tomato sauce on the crust before adding other toppings, while others have browned sausage or ground beef under the cheese. In addition to pepperoni, olives and mushrooms are often added as well, and ingredients such as onions, bell peppers and anchovy filets can be mixed into any of the meats used in a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The pan is typically coated with olive oil before baking; some recipes call for buttering it instead (or in addition).

chicago-style deep dish pizza

To keep the dough from absorbing too much oil and becoming greasy, some pizzerias parbake the sides and bottom of the crust at which makes it crispy. Some crust recipes include milk, sugar and butter in addition to water; others use high-gluten bread flour alone (rather than a blend of all-purpose and bread flours). Chicago-style deep dish pizza usually require more oil or grease than conventional pizza because the dough is not brushed with sauce before adding toppings, and browning requires more intense heat transfer.


Deep dish pizza takes approximately 25 minutes to prepare at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and can take much longer if cooked at a lower temperature (such as 400 degrees), baked in a pan with shallower sides, or made from thinner dough. Some restaurants have reduced their baking times by about 10 minutes when using convection ovens that blow hot air around inside the oven.


Chicago-style deep dish pizza are typically eaten with a knife and fork; they may be too thick to lift as one would conventional pizza. Some restaurants offer miniature versions (called “personal pan deep dish”) that can be consumed with the hands. It is not uncommon for Chicago residents to eat deep dish pizza for breakfast.


Chicago-style deep dish pizza has become particularly popular in Chicago where there are many different takes on the original recipe, including cornmeal or potato crusts. There are also many Pizzerias that have developed their own versions of deep deep dish pizza, including Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s .

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chicago-style deep dish pizza

Deep dish pizza is a thick and usually round pizza with toppings in between two layers of dough. Each layer of the crust is high enough to support generous layers of sauce and cheese, which makes deep dish pizza pan more sandwich-like than other pizzas. Those who like their pizza loaded with flavor will enjoy the many choices available in Chicago-style deep dish pizza recipe.


The first type of deep dish pizza is the Chicago-Style, which has a fluffy crust with cornmeal and many layers on the inside starting with cheese, then sauce, then toppings. Those who like their pizza cheesy will love this version since it uses mozzarella as both the sauce and the topping. The next type of deep dish pizza is the Sicilian, which has a thick crust made with breadcrumbs. Compared to the Chicago-style deep dish pizza, this version doesn’t have as much cheese or sauce and is thicker instead of using mozzarel.


Red Baron Deep Dish Pizza


A red baron deep dish pizza is a type of pizza with an outer crust and large, deeper than usual, center and a thick or chunky sauce. A typical deep-dish pizza is significantly higher in both calories and carbohydrates than other styles of flatbread pizzas.

chicago-style deep dish pizza

The types of high calorie food used in a frozen deep dish pizza include cheese, meats and fats, which make up the majority of its ingredients. The crust alone contains around 300 calories while the cheese contributes to the caloric value with around 400 calories. In order to enjoy a slice or two of deep dish pizza without feeling guilty one must cut down on the ingredients that add to the high calorie count.


When making a Chicago-style deep dish pizza at home, one can use reduced fat cheese and baked chicken breast to cut down on calories while still enjoying all of its flavors. This dish is meant to be savored and shared, so it will not be necessary to use excessive amounts of ingredients in order for everyone at the table to have a slice or two.

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