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28-day Keto Challenge Review

Today’s bad eating habits have left a good number of people struggling with excessive weight or obese and losing a few pounds of their weight can be a great achievement. A keto diet is a weight loss program that is much popular out there since you don’t need to restrict your food intake. It states that a person should consume high- fat foods and a low carb diet for him to lose weight effectively. Keto helps the body to burn fat unlike other programs that are based on calorie counting.

What it involves


A 28-day keto challenge isn’t about diet but lifestyle. It is the most preferred method because it is healthier for the body and mind. It involves cutting on high carbs and consuming foods rich in good fats. It is therefore the easiest method since a person can still stick to what he loves as it does not involve counting of calories. However a person may switch to much healthier foods.

How it works

A keto diet consists of eating habit that is rich in good fats and low in carbs. This is done to achieve a state called ketosis which results in the buildup of acids called ketones within the body. It is a state which allows the body to burn fats which are reserved as fuel. Naturally our bodies burn carbs as the main source of energy. By cutting on carb intake, the body produces ketones which burn the fat. The principle behind keto isn’t starving yourself but it is eating the right foods.


Helps in adopting a healthier lifestyle


The plan helps a person to adopt a healthier lifestyle apart from the main target of weight loss. Eating healthy habits becomes a norm since you don’t need to struggle or plan on what to take or not to eat. By following each day’s program keenly as specified in the program the person achieves a state of ketosis even without their knowledge.

Different types of recipes


The guide consists of different types of recipes where a person can always use even after completing the 28 days challenge. It has about 50 simple delicious meals to prepare, broken down into this order: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. There are also different recipes to choose from since a person does not have to stick to a specific diet.

Easy to read and understand


The guide breaks its information into easy to understand practices and principles that can be understood by everyone. The instructions and guidelines are easy to follow and understand.

Well structured and designed


The program is comprehensive where every party is well designed and well-structured in a step by step format. The format gives guidelines on how to avoid cravings, plan meals daily or weekly. It also advises on how to avoid pressures from friends and other people from society.

Money return guarantee.


The challenge comes with a guarantee of a 60-day money return so that those that are not satisfied can always get their money back although they don’t expect such a scenario to happen. A person, therefore, has two months to try the program.

Gives advice


The guide advises on some of the side effects to expect immediately after starting the program. Some people may experience fatigue and dehydration. Fatigue occurs as a result of body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for energy To avoid dehydration people are advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids.

Offered fully online


It is a comprehensive digital guide right at your fingertips making it easy to read any time you need it. You can also download and access it later when you cannot access the internet. A large number of people can access the information since we are in the digital world.


The 28-day keto program should come first on the list of those who are about to take the challenge of weight loss because it transforms their body and also their lives. It will also equip them with information that will help them to stick to the plan for a long period. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor because the program is not suitable for everyone. Diabetic people may try this program.


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