oyster sauce

3-Step-Method to Cook Oyster Sauce

What is oyster sauce?


Oyster sauce is one of the most important ingredients in traditional Chinese, Thai, and Cambodian cuisine. It gives every dish a wonderful aroma and taste and enhances the taste. In the past, oyster sauce was made by reducing the oyster broth. The oyster broth has been cooked to a slimy brown color.

Today the prepared sauce contains certain additives such as caramel color, starch, even oyster extracts and also preservatives. You can even choose a vegetarian oyster sauce, which is mostly mushrooms. Sauces are so successful that you can’t think of pasta and vegetables without adding them. There are a lot of people who even use it as a topping. Some people don’t like the taste of oysters. There is also an oyster sauce substitute for them.

oyster sauce

The dishes that are prepared with the sauce exude a certain aroma and a unique taste. So there is no point in making the same dishes without the sauce. However, some suitable substitutes can be added which can retain the flavor to some extent. Soy sauce is one of the main alternatives that many use. Not only is it the same color, but it also creates almost the same taste.

Fish sauce is another great substitute. For those who prefer vegetarian varieties, you can replace the vegan oyster sauce with mushroom sauce. To make the mushroom sauce, all you need to do is boil a cube of mushroom broth in half a cup of water until the mixture condenses to a dark brown color.


Chicken oyster sauce


Have you heard of the famous paper-wrapped chicken from Thailand or Southeast Asia? It’s a chicken dish in which the chicken is marinated in a special sauce and then wrapped in paper before frying. Due to the long marinating time, the taste of the sauce penetrates deep into the meat and makes the chicken tasty. You can use chicken meat or chicken wings.

You can unpack the chicken before serving, or you can leave the paper on it. Remember to use paper that can withstand high temperatures, as you will need to fry the paper-wrapped chicken in oil at a high temperature. This is an ideal snack for any party or gathering.

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Oyster Sauce Ingredients:


1 whole chicken, cut into 12 pieces

3 tablespoons of grated ginger

3 green onions, cut to 1 inch long

12 waxed paper bags

oyster sauce


Recipes with oyster sauce:


5 tablespoons of oyster sauce

2 tablespoons of light soy sauce

1 tablespoon of ginger juice

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon of Shaoxing wine or cooking wine

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon of water

1/2 tablespoon corn flour




  1. Mix the chicken with the marinade and season for 3 hours. Add the grated ginger and chives and mix well.
  2. Wrap the chicken in separately prepared bags and close tightly.
  3. Heat the oil for frying, place the chicken packets on top and fry for 2 minutes over high heat. Reduce heat and fry for 5 minutes. Finally, put on high heat and fry for 3 minutes. Organize and drain. Serve hot.

Since this dish is hard to find in restaurants, you can take this recipe and make it for your family and friends at home and impress them. If you want more chicken recipes or appetizers and snacks, you can get them from Chinese Recipe Online.

oyster sauce

Fried beef oyster


A friend asks me when someone goes to a Thai restaurant for the first time what kind of food they should order. Well, this question is difficult to answer because there are so many Thai foods that you must try. I’m pretty sure there will be more than 10 different Thai dishes that you will love.

However, if you want me to only recommend 1 menu for someone who has never tried Thai food. I would recommend fried meat in oyster sauce. This is one of the most popular Thai foods among foreigners. I have cooked this menu many times for my (foreign) friends. Everyone loves it! I think the reasons are; First of all, it’s beef. Everybody loves beef. Second, it is not spicy. It is good for someone who has never had chili or spicy food.


Wrap up on how to remove oyster sauce in a carpet


Having a rug around the house is a great addition, as it can brighten up anywhere you place it. The problem with carpets, however, is that they can get dirty easily, which is a major problem for all carpet owners. A dirty carpet can ruin the entire environment in your home, which is why homeowners are constantly looking for ways to keep their carpets clean.

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One problem carpet owners face is spills and stains, which can be difficult to deal with. gluten free oyster sauce can be a nuisance item that can accidentally spill onto your carpet. You should try to avoid it entirely, but sometimes household mishaps are unavoidable.

Spilled oyster sauce on rugs can be very difficult to remove, but there are steps you can take to make it easier to handle. Check out the helpful tips below for cleaning oyster sauce on your home carpet.

oyster sauce

The first thing to do is get rid of the excess oyster sauce on the carpet as soon as possible. You can do this by blotting the area several times with a clean paper towel to extract the sauce. Do this several times until you have removed as much of it as possible.

Once you’ve cleaned up the excess spill area, the next step is to grab a few household items and use them to make a homemade cleaning solution that will remove the unsightly stain. Take a teaspoon of non-bleaching detergent and mix it with two cups of warm water to make the detergent. You will apply it directly on the stain so that it dissolves and is easier to remove.

Pour a few drops of the homemade cleaning solution you made on the stained area of the carpet. Let it sit for five minutes before taking a clean white cloth and blotting the stained part of the rug. The oyster sauce is slowly becoming lighter, which means the process is working. Keep scrubbing until the carpet is stain-free again.

Take a cup of clean water and pour it on the spot where the stain was, then dry it well with clean towels. This is to prevent residue from remaining on the carpet fibers on the surface. After this step, your carpet will be clean and like new.

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