Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today. Ideally, it has an easy recipe, pouring hot water on teal leaves, then you wait for a few moments for the tea to blend and the flavors to infuse with the water. Tea gets majorly made from camellia Sinensis leaves, which is a type of Asian evergreen shrub. Fundamentally tea drinking comes along with many health benefits such as reducing the risk of getting heart attack and protecting cells from damage.

However, did you know today many individuals are trying to keep their weight in check during the pandemic that the world is facing today? However, a cup of tea that you take every day may help you reduce weight. Research has found that tea has additional benefits, such as assisting in fighting belly fat and facilitating weight loss. In other terms, tea will help in shedding some pounds, but unfortunately, specific tea types are more effective than others. Thus in this article, I will discuss seven types of tea, which will enable you to decrease your body fat and increase weight loss.




Puerh tea is a kind of black tea that gets fermented; it traces its origins from China, it is also called pu-erh or Pu’er. Puerh tea has a lovely earthy aroma which develop more the longer it is stored, the tea is consumed mainly after the family or an individual has enjoyed a meal. Studies show that tea has the effects of lowering blood sugar and blood triglycerides. It also pointed out that the drink has components that help in weight loss.

In a field study conducted by a group of researchers, seventy men got divided into two groups. One group got offered a placebo while the other group got administered with Puerh tea. In a period of three, the results of individuals who used the Puerh tea were found to lose one kg more than the placebo group.

Thus according to the above study, the conclusion is evident that this can enable an individual to suppress weight gain and anti-obesity effect. Therefore taking one or two cups in a day will help you shed off some pounds.



Compared to some other types of teas, black tea contains more oxidations. Generally, oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs by exposing the tea leaves gets exposed to the air; this results in browning in the tea, which gives the black tea the dark color. However, black tea comes in multiple blends and types such as the most famous kinds such as the English breakfast, earl grey, and so forth. Many studies have proved that black tea is vital and is useful in controlling weight.

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For example, some fifty individuals who used to take three cups of black tea in a day for ninety days were found to be reducing weight, and their waist circumference too was reduced, compared to drinking other caffeine matched control beverage.

Black tea contains high flavones, which is a kind of plant pigment which contains antioxidant properties, which would be the significant substance that causes weight loss. Therefore a higher intake of flavone beverages or food leads to lower body mass index (BMI).



Green tea is among the popular kind of tea because of its associated with multiple health benefits. Its mainly linked with weight loss as it’s the most effective tea in decreasing both body fats and weight.

Ideally, many studies have proved the effectiveness of the tea; for example, obese individuals got placed into two groups where one group was administered with green tea, and the other was given a placebo. After twelve weeks, those who used green tea had lost 3.3 kg more weight than the other group, which used the placebo. In other studies, individuals drunk green tea in twelve weeks, and there was a significant weight loss, a decrease in waist circumference, and body fats.

However, the substance that is responsible for weight loss in the green tea is the antioxidants known as the catechins. Catechins are the naturally occurring antioxidants that increase your metabolism and therefore leading to high rates of fat burning. Matcha tea also contains the duplicate effect in losing weight since it contains a more concentrated green tea which has same ingredients like green tea.


White tea is a minimally harvested and processed type of tea when the tea bush is still young; thus, it stands out more than any tea. White tea contains a unique flavor from other teas, and it tastes delicate, subtle, and a little bit sweet. The studied health benefits are killing cancer cells and improving or health in its consumers. However, further research has shown that white tea is effective for weight loss and body fat because it contains the same amount of catechins found in green tea, which helps in weight loss.

The study state that white tea increases the breakdown of fat cells and controls the formation of new ones.


Herbal tea is typically not your known traditional tea; this is because it does not contain any caffeine. However, the herbal tea is natural and not from the common Camellia sinensis like other teas. It’s made by instilling fruits, herbs, and spices in hot water. The well-known varieties of herbal tea include hibiscus tea, ginger tea, rosehip tea, and rooibos tea. The herbal tea formulations and ingredients vary research has stipulated that herbal tea help in fat loss and weight reduction. Rooibos herbal tea said to have effects of increasing fat metabolism and preventing the formation of fat cells. Therefore taking this twice in a day will help your body to burn fats hence weight loss.


Special tea that helps an individual to the stubborn weight, which may get deposited around the hips, arms, the thighs, buttocks, and belly fats. This manual fitness got started by a health fitness mentor called Dan garner, who is known for mentoring most actors and athletics in terms of fitness. This tea will cut your body weight and burn your belly fats without a lot of strain or being hard on your body. The plan got called eat sleep burn; thus, it comes with multiple tea recipes, which helps the user to get in deep sleep after consumption. During sleep is when now the magic begins to happen as the toxins in your get expelled. However, this creates a better state of mind and health reflected afterward on the performance of your daily activities.

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The unique tea ingredients get kept secret, and they are only accessible after purchasing the tea. The secret tea after consumption, it gets into the human body and cleanses the body by burning the unnecessary accumulated fats.

Using special tea: mostly, this tea gets consumed at night just before sleeping, thus. The ingredients then go to work by making your body to get into a deep sleep. The ingredients in the tea regulate the grehlin and leptin hormone in the body. These hormones are responsible for controlling the energy balance by constraining hunger in the body. One can use it for twenty-eight days.

The secret tea is safe to use because the ingredients are organic. And another added advantage is that the secret is not addictive since it contains a herbal tea recipe, and everything from the method tea is got t from the environment and completely natural. its comes in affordable prices and you can order your secret tea online.

The special tea contains no health issues since its organic; thus, it rejuvenates and revitalizes. The tea is very effective in reducing belly fats and reducing weight.


This tea traces its origins from China, and it’s partially oxidized, making it to get positioned between black tea and green tea due to its color and oxidation.

It carries a distinct extricable flavor and a fruity, fragrance aroma; however, these characteristics vary with the level of oxidation. However, research shows that this tea is an effective way of weight loss because it speeds up metabolism and increases fat burning

In a case study, forty overweight individuals consumed this tea in six weeks, and they lost body fats and body weight. Research shows that this tea burns 281 calories in a day. Therefore consuming oolong tea benefits potentially in losing weight and reducing belly fats.


Most individuals consume beverages to calm down and get that soothing feeling from their irresistibly delicious taste. However, many beverages, such as soda and juice, contain high calories. Thus an individual may take tea to reduce calorie intake from other beverages. Besides, most teas contain other compounds that are essential in our bodies in terms of health. Therefore taking two cups or a cup of tea in a day, accompanied by regular exercise and taking a healthy diet, will help you to reduce your belly fats and weight loss. The article contains seven best teas, which can help with weight loss and reducing belly fats. Happy reading!



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