Amazing Things about Langoustine in 2021

Langoustine is a French word which refers to a type of European lobster with a greenish colour and rare, very large front claws. It is also known as scampi in many parts of Europe , and is often used in Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Portuguese, Greek and Turkish cuisines. The langoustine or scampi is not a true lobster , but rather more closely related to the superficially similar Norway lobster.

The European Langoustine is found in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. It is a very popular food item, especially in coastal areas, and is usually boiled alive (without prior purging) before being eaten cold. The langoustine can be recognized by its long body and long rostrum, or nose-like structure extending forward from its head. Its rostrum is used for digging through sand to reach buried food, and can deliver a painful stab if the langoustine is handled carelessly

Langoustines are caught all along the Atlantic coast of Europe, and in many parts of the Mediterranean Sea. They are especially prevalent around the United Kingdom and Ireland , where they are fished commercially.

The langoustine has up to eighteen thin, long antennae arranged in two groups of nine. These are used for sensing chemicals, odours and vibrations; they can also detect water movements so the langoustine knows which direction to swim in. The head is large and there are well developed eyes which, unusually for a lobster, are blue in young langoustines and change to red when they mature. The forward part of the head contains the brain and the mouthparts are on the underside, with sharp cutting parts at the front for tearing food into small pieces. The thorax has five segments which bear walking legs, each with four long claws which are not used for walking.


Langoustine Recipes

The Ingredients

a.2 pounds langoustine , raw, live, or frozen

b.5 cup wine vinegar

c.1 tsp salt

d.25 cups water


Wash langoustine thoroughly.

Place in boiling water with salt and vinegar. Cook for 8 minutes or until done.

Let cool, then remove meat from shells. Discard shells.


Finely chop the lobster meat (or process it) ; add 1/4 lb butter , 1/2 cup bread crumbs, 1 tsp salt , .5 tbsp cayenne pepper , .25 cups fresh parsley.

Mix ingredients thoroughly with fingers or fork ; shape into patties.

Melt remaining butter in skillet over low heat; add patties and saute until browned. Serve warm, not hot.

Notes: The amount of butter used in the recipe is not specified. Melt it slowly; do not allow it to burn or brown. Do not saute until crisp and brown, but merely well-browned. Serve langoustine warm, rather than hot. This dish is served cold–and should be served so, as soon as it is done.

Methods for cooking langoustines

The best method used to cook langoustines is either by grilling or boiling. You can also bake it but this will be very hard to do since the meat is naturally soft. If you are unsure about how to cook langoustines, you can ask someone who has experience in cooking it.

Why use spears for cooking langoustines?

You have to use spears if you are grilling langoustine or using boiling method. You can also use skewers but it is best to stick with the traditional way of cooking the langoustines.


What are trussing langoustines?

Trussing langoustine refers to trussing the langoustine using twine which helps to keep the langoustines together. It also ensures that the langoustines are well-cooked through by limiting the amount of time it takes before it is done.

What are shellfish knives used for? Shellfish knives can be used to cut open shells of seafood without crushing them, making it easier to remove the flesh from the shell.

What are langoustines tails used for?

Tails of langoustine can be used to flavor soups, stews and sauces. As a bonus, the meat is also delicious! Make sure that you use enough water or stock when using langoustine tails so that it does not dry up.

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What are langoustines good for?

Langoustines are full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy ingredients that are good for the brain, eyesight, heart and blood circulation. It is also low in calories which makes it a win-win situation if you want to stay fit but still enjoy food.

Langoustine is best served in a cream sauce which is made from heavy cream, langoustine juices and white wine. It makes a perfect dish for special occasions such as birthday celebrations or anniversaries!

What are langoustine eggs used for?

Langoustine eggs can be eaten as is or as a separate dish. The eggs look similar to crab roe and have a stronger flavor than the flesh of the langoustines. It can also be used in making spaghetti sauce for pasta or added on top of sandwiches!

What is langoustine oil used for?

Langoustine oil is a type of fish oil that comes from a deep sea fish known as the langoustine. It can be used on its own or mixed with other oils to make flavored oils such as garlic-langoustine, herb-langoustines and more! You can also use it to make salad dressings, sauces and vinaigrettes!

Langoustines taste best when they are made into a bisque which is a thick soup. Bisque usually contains cream but langoustine bisque can be made without cream by using coconut milk or chicken broth instead. This version of the langoustine is great for people on a diet since it is low in fat and calories.



You can eat langoustine as a healthy meal without being too concerned about it. The fresh langoustine is a good source of nutrients that you may have been missing out on. This crustacean comes with a range of health benefits which include

  • Vitamin B12 – It’s a type of vitamin that helps to keep the nerve and blood cells healthy.
  • Iron – It helps to produce red blood cells and supports the transportation of oxygen around the body. This is essential for anyone who needs energy.
  • Protein – Proteins provide your body with amino acids, which are important building blocks for growth and development.
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