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Best foods to eat to lose weight



The foundation of every successful weight loss program is the diet. Just think about it, you eat a few times each day. Depending on your diet, you could eat 1500 or 4500 calories a day. It all depends on the number of healthy foods you eat. To help you meet your weight loss goals we have prepared a list of best foods to eat to lose weight. Read below and let us help you build a strong, consistent foundation for your healthier tomorrow.



Cottage Cheese

lose weight

Protein intake is one of the most important factors in losing weight. Meats get a bad rep nowadays, mostly because of studies that were done poorly. But without enough protein, you will not lose weight. Protein will help your body recover, in some cases even improve your sleep, and a good night’s sleep is one of the most underrated factors when it comes to weight loss. Cottage cheese is a food rich in protein, but also very low on calories. In most cases, cottage cheese will bring your 20-25 grams of protein on 100 grams servings. And on the same 100 grams serving you will get 120 or so calories. In comparison, other types of cheese, like gouda or cheddar pack 600-700 calories per 100-gram servings. In other words, 100 grams of gouda is like 600 grams of cottage cheese.


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 lose weight

When trying to lose weight, the most important factor in your diet has to be as much protein as possible and to go low on carbs and fats. This makes tuna the ideal addition to your diet. It has one of the highest protein to fats and carbs ration in the animal world. But be careful. If you are going for canned tuna and not fresh or frozen tuna, you need to avoid tunas that are canned in oils. Those canned with oils, especially processed oils like sunflower oil, carry a lot more calories.


Leafy Greens

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There are a number of plants that fall into the category of leafy greens. Those include spinach, kale, collards, etc. These vegetables have three key properties that make them the best foods to eat to lose weight. They are low in calories, low in carbohydrates and they are one of the richest foods on the planet when it comes to the amount of fiber. The average member of the leafy greens family has up to ten times fewer calories than bread or any other carb that you would eat with your main course. This means that you can increase the volume of the food that you are eating, but the number of calories that you eat will drop significantly.



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An ideal diet would be one low on sugar and carbs, but you still need carbs to help your body function properly. Avocados are rich with both carbs, and healthy fats. But that is not all, the number of carbs and fats are balanced out with the amount of water and fibers that avocados also contain. All that makes them a logical sense on our list of best foods to eat to lose weight.


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