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Does Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight?



Water has been known to do many things in our bodies other than quenching thirst. Many people wonder if they can lose weight by drinking water. Yes, you can lose weight by just drinking water. Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between water intake and weight loss. Here are some of the ways drinking water can aid your weight loss process.


6 Ways Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

 Lose Weight

1) Drinking Water Can Make You Burn More Calories

Research has linked drinking water to the ability of the body to lose calories. Studies have revealed explicitly that drinking ice-cold water helps in burning calories. Drinking room temperature or ice-cold water boosts energy expenditure. If you want to use water for weight loss, start drinking ice-cold water.


2) The Body Needs Water To Burn Fat

In the process of burning down fats, the body needs water. The method of burning down fats is known as lipolysis. In this process, the first step is known as hydrolysis. This involves the interaction between fats known as triglycerides with water molecules. The result is the creation of fatty acids and glycerol. Therefore, the more water you take, the more fats your body will be able to burn.


3) Water Removes Waste From The Body

The removal of wastes, such as faeces and urine, requires water. Therefore, you must stay hydrated to help with the elimination of such wastes from your body. When you are well hydrated, the movement of waste from your body becomes much easier.


Although you may not realise it, the buildup of waste in your body comes with constipation and bloating. The extra inches on your waist could be as a result of bloating and not fats. Stay hydrated.

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4) Drinking Water Before Meals Can Reduce Appetite

Scientifically, when your stomach is full, signals are sent to your brain so that it can cause you to stop eating. Instead of filling up your stomach with food, you can replace this with water. In return, hunger will diminish thereby causing you not to desire food as much.


It is, therefore, advisable to drink a glass of water before you eat or snack. Various studies have proved that this mechanism helps to suppress your appetite. That way, you will avoid unnecessary snacking and overeating, thus helping you to lose weight.


5) Your Metabolism Is Stimulated When You Drink Water

Water intake has also been proved to stimulate the body’s resting heat expenditure and metabolism. These two are essential when it comes to weight loss. Water stimulates thermogenesis, which is the process by which the body produces heat.


Again, if you want this to work well, make a habit of drinking chilled water. The logic behind this is that as the body strives to raise the temperature of the ice-cold water to room temperature, there is resting energy expenditure. The more the energy is expended from your body, the higher your body metabolism becomes. When metabolism is high, more fats are burned.


6) Your Overall Liquid Calorie Intake Reduces When You Drink Water

One of the causes of weight gain comes from drinking liquid calories from tea, juice, soda, and other soft drinks. Such drinks are filled with artificial sugars. It is very easy to ignore these sources of calories that cause you to be overweight.


The secret is replacing these drinks with water each day. Instead of taking a bottle of soda, grab a bottle of water instead. When you stop taking these high-calorie drinks altogether and start drinking more water, you will lose weight more quickly.


How Much Water Should You Drink?

Water is clearly an essential aspect of weight loss. The only question is; just how much water should you drink to lose weight? Each individual is different; thus may need different amounts of water intake. The amount may depend on your age, temperature, body size, activity level, your exposure to the sun, as well as your health status.


I can, therefore, say that there is not a recommended quantity of water one should drink to lose weight. However, the National Academy of Medicine recommends that adult men take 3,700 ml (15 cups) daily and women 2,700 ml (11 cups). You can use this calculator to know how much water you need to drink.

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Tips to Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Water

Getting the daily water intake requirements is vital for anyone that desires to lose weight. From the above, the quantity of water an adult needs to consume daily is very high. Here are some of the things you can do to get your daily intake.

 Lose Weight

i. Replace Calorie-Filled Drinks With Water

Instead of drinking that bottle of soda or juice, take a bottle of water instead. It is not easy to do this but try to bring down your calorie-filled drinks intake just one bottle at a time. For instance, if you usually take 3 bottles of soda a day, reduce it to two and take a bottle of water. With time you will not be taking sodas anymore. Choose today to take water over all liquid calorie drinks.


ii. Drink Ice Cold Water

Instead of warm or room temperature water, try to drink ice-cold water instead. You will lose weight faster if you drink chilled water. Ice cold water increases your body’s energy expenditure and in turn, promotes faster metabolism. These are the best ingredients for fat burning. I know drinking cold water may be hard for you, but if you want to use water to lose weight faster, try this out.


iii. Drinking Water Allows You To Exercise Better

Exercise is another essential activity vital for weight loss. However, many people find it challenging to exercise. When you take water, working out becomes more effortless. Water lubricates your joints, thus prevents muscle cramping. When you take in water, you can exercise harder and longer for better weight loss. I hope this encourages you to drink more water.



Water is truly a magical product for anyone tired of the excess weight. It is easy to find and readily available to most of us. If you were looking for something to help you lose the extra pounds, start drinking more water today. Drinking more water helps in burning calories and fats, suppressing your appetite, increasing your resting energy expenditure, increasing your metabolism, removing waste from your body, and working out better. All these have been shown to help you lose weight faster.

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