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How to Clean Your Home Office

Is the clutter in your home office driving you crazy? Do you find yourself spending more time searching for things you need instead of doing work? Fear not, this article will provide you with tips on how to clean your home office and how to keep it organized.


The first thing you need to do is to create a checklist. When it comes to decluttering and cleaning my home office, I like to have a checklist of everything that needs to be done so that I don’t lose my mind. Plus it gives you a starting point, sometimes our home offices can get so cluttered we don’t know where to begin.


The purge

How to

Before we jump right into cleaning the office, we need to declutter the office. It makes cleaning the office go a lot smoother. Start with all the papers scattered about your desk, whether it is to do notes or old receipts, if it’s not needed, toss it. If you do need the receipts to scan them into your computer and create a folder. Moving forward, get into the habit of scanning your receipts immediately, so you can just toss them as you scan them.


If you have a lot of paperwork that can’t be tossed, create a filing system. You should letter trays labeled with an inbox, outbox and to be filed. If you don’t have a filing cabinet because you can’t afford it or you don’t have the space for it, recycle cardboard boxes and create a makeshift file box and add some hanging folders to store your paperwork.


Next, you need to make sure to put away pins, paperclips, highlighters, and notepads that are strewn about your desk. If you have desk drawers and filing cabinets go through the drawers and toss anything that you no longer need. Once everything is in its respective place, you can start with the cleaning.


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Wipe everything and dust

How to

The first thing you should be doing is wiping everything down and dusting. This includes your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and all other office electronics that you might have. If you have shelves in your office, remove all items off the shelves and wipe everything down.


Use a damp microfiber cloth and make sure that you are hitting everything from furniture to electronics and storage bins. You can lightly shake your keyboard or use an air duster to make sure you are getting everything that gets trapped and built up in your keyboard over time.


Make sure when you are dusting you wipe down windows, mirrors, blinds, and light fixtures. Wipe down your office chairs including the arms, legs, and wheels. Anything that collects dust and dirt should be wiped down. If you have fabric on your chair or carpet in your home office, spot treat the areas that have stains or spills.


Vacuum and mop

How to

Once everything has been wiped down and dusted, it’s time to vacuum. Most vacuums have smaller attachments that you can use for hard to reach areas, cracks and crevices, and furniture. Make sure to run the vacuum over your office chair, blinds and window sills. Once all the vacuuming has been done, mop the floors and underneath furniture.


Once I am done with the cleaning and dusting of my home office I use a disinfectant spray throughout the office to help sanitize everything.


Get organized

How to

Now that all the cleaning is done, you can begin organizing everything. Think about using a dry-erase board for your to-do list and reminders. Keep either an old storage bin or box for things to recycle. Make sure that you have everything clearly labeled to make it easier to find things and put things away.


An extra tip: If you have the room in your office, make a box of office cleaning supplies. This will help encourage you to keep up with the cleaning. I keep a keyboard duster, microfiber cloth and a small handheld vacuum in my office. It makes it easier to clean up my mess immediately when I drop crumbs or accidentally spill a beverage in my office.


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Daily and weekly maintenance tips

How to

Now that you know how to clean your home office thoroughly, here are some daily and weekly maintenance tips that you can practice to avoid the clutter building up again.


  • Empty your recycle box at the end of your workweek or when it gets full (if you toss out a lot of papers on a daily basis).
  • When you are done working at the end of each day, wipe down your office area and take out any cups or trash that you have in there.
  • Vacuum your office area and chair twice a week.
  • Dust furniture and blinds once a week
  • Make sure that your letter trays are empty at the end of the week.
  • Try to empty out your inbox every day.
  • Spray disinfectant at the end of each workday on your desk and furniture.


Monthly maintenance tips

How to

Once a month you should spend so time going through your office and do the following:

  • Empty out filing cabinets and desk drawers
  • Go through letter trays, make sure there are no old bills and receipts.


Wrap-up and conclusion

Here is a recap of the tips that were given on how to clean your home office:

  • Declutter and remove paperwork
  • Set up a filing system for organizing your paperwork
  • Dust everything in the office, including windows and furniture
  • Vacuum, mop and disinfect the office
  • Keep up with daily, weekly and monthly maintenance cleaning.


By following these tips that were discussed today, cleaning your home office should come second nature to you, and you will have a clean and functional workspace. It is a privilege to be able to work from home because not everyone gets to enjoy this luxury. Therefore, it is important to take pride in your workspace and take a few minutes of your time to keep it cleaned and organized. These tips on cleaning your home office should make it easier for you to keep with the maintenance, to make your home office a more pleasant working environment.








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