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How to cook a hot pocket

Hot Pockets was founded by Chef America Inc in 2002. There are 50 varieties of the Hot Pocket, and because we are always in a hurry how to cook in the microwave was an essential skill to master. They generally contain cheese, meat, and vegetables, and are a very important after-school snack, and as they only contain 350 calories, they are ideal for the children to eat when they get home.

How Long To Cook Hot Pocket

Hot Pocket

It’s after school, and the Hot Pockets have to be ready fast. Remove the hot pocket cover and place it in its crisping sleeve.

Using your Safe-plate setting microwave on high for three minutes. If you are doing two together microwave for 4 minutes. You can get the microwaving right, it is just trial and error as all microwave ovens are different. Don’t let the children bite in, as it may be overly hot. If you can, do the microwaving a bit in advance and let them cool off a bit, you can always reheat for 10-15 seconds if necessary. Use a ceramic plate to sit them on, as ceramic or glass are recommended for microwave use. If you are microwaving a desert-style Hot Pocket with jam in the middle, they become super hot in the middle, so allow them to cool off, or eat them with ice cream. Everyone has their favorite Hot Pocket and the microwave makes them really convenient. If you are working in the school shop, you will need to do them well in advance in the microwave, and use a food thermometer to check the filling, as when the bell rings everyone will want one. So pre-microwave and keep them warm in the pie warmer until the children come out for lunch. As you will probably have 50 orders or more to do at very short notice. The pie warmer should keep them from becoming soggy. The microwave Hot Pocket is a good alternative for older people, especially for breakfast or lunch, and anyone who can work their microwave can heat them fast.

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How Long To Cook A Hot Pocket In The Microwave


If you have the time to spare, your Hot Pocket will be even better oven heated. It will be really crispy when you bite into it.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t remove the hot pocket from the freezer until the oven is hot. You don’t really need to thaw the Hot Pocket first, only some people say you do, I disagree.

Remove your Hot Pocket from the wrapper and place it on a sheet of baking paper. Depending on the size of the Hot Pocket how to cook in the oven will take from 20 to 35 minutes. You may need to use your oven thermometer to get it right the first few times. Once the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, it is cooked. Once you take it out of the oven, allow it to cool for around 2 minutes. Most people feel that the Hot Pocket is so much nicer when cooked in an oven, and if you have a few children over, they will really love a Hot Pocket as a snack. They make such a great snack that you should always have them stored in your freezer, just in case. If you have unexpected guests you can turn your Hot Pockets into a light meal, just by making a large salad and then oven heating an assortment of Hot Pockets.

They are marketed as microwavable turnovers but use the oven if you are doing five or six at once.

If you are just doing one for yourself, microwave it for three minutes for a quick result.

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Some people may not have a microwave oven and they can cook their one Hot Pocket on an oven tray for 28-30 minutes. This will keep it nice and crispy, avoid overcooking.


Hot Pockets are actually a bit addictive, and once you get used to eating them you will want one every day, especially in the winter weather!

Everyone in the family will enjoy one or the other of the many Hot Pocket varieties, and they are actually so easy to do that they enable your children to microwave their own after-school snack quite easily, as to how to cook in the microwave is very safe.

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