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how to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

When we finally buy our precious air fryer, all the questions begin: what is the first thing to cook and enjoy, and after you get bored making French fries, Nuggets, mozzarella fingers, and all those common recipes that we see in the Tasty and tik videos Tok, here is a way to prepare pizza in your air fryer, the benefit of this is that you will be able to do it in a fun way, in a delicious and crunchy pizza roll with all its flavors and fillings to perfection, so keep going reading to learn more about this delicious recipe and surprise your whole family with this invention.

How to cook pizza rolls in an air fryer

When it is time to eat a tasty sandwich and usually snacks such as chips or cookies do not satisfy you, it is time to take out the pizza rolls, this will make you happy and will keep your belly full. It is a fun way to prepare appetizers in family gatherings and with friends, it turns this simple meal into an elegant and different aperitif.

It is that lovers of pizza and Italian food will enjoy again and again, these sandwiches full of great and natural flavors are very practical to prepare so do not waste time ordering pizza and enjoy these mini versions that are always a safe bet, here we tell you how to prepare them:

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1. First of all, you must turn on your air fryer and preheat the fryer to a temperature of 330 F. and wait.

2. While the preheating process finishes, take the frozen pizza rolls out of the freezer, let them rest for a while

3. Cover with a little olive oil, if you want to give it a special touch add basil, oregano, or Parmesan cheese and some pieces of pepperoni, do not let anything stop you, and use your favorite flavor, you just have to be creative and combine flavors and ingredients.

4. After placing all the ingredients, place them in your air fryer

5. Bake for about 11-14 minutes or until your pizza rolls are golden brown and cooked through and not cold in the middle.

6. Finally, it’s time to serve, so it’s time to arrange your pizza rolls on the plate, serve with oregano, olive oil and serve with pizza sauce for dipping.

how long to cook pizza rolls in air fryer

Air fryers can vary in temperatures to cook pizza rolls, in some models, these will need more minutes than in other presentations, so it is good to be checked before the time is up and calculating how long to wait until you can master the time In our air fryer, the idea is that they are not overcooked if you use wet ingredients such as mushrooms these must be cooked before and squeezed before adding to the pizza roll. Try to choose crunchy ingredients like onions and peppers, these tend to cook best in our air fryer.

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