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How To Gain Weight For Vegan Diet

Contrary to popular belief, you can gain weight when you eat vegan. Many people often associate veganism with losing weight. However, a vegan diet can be as healthy or unhealthy as you make it yourself, and it is certainly possible to gain weight. The following tips will help you know how to gain weight on a vegan diet.

1. Consume more calories

Gain Weight

The simplest solution is to give the body more high-calorie foods. Plant foods have an average lower calorie density than animal foods, but there are some that have high-calorie density. Examples of such foods are oil seeds such as sunflower sesame or pumpkin seeds, nuts (all types), high-fat fruits such as coconuts or avocados, and dried fruit. Therefore, you should include these foods in your menu as often as possible

2. Eat larger portions

Vegan Diet

Plant foods usually contain fewer calories than animal products. Therefore, as a vegan, you normally eat larger portions than when you eat meat, fish, or eggs. This is especially true when you want to gain weight since you need to eat more.

For example, if you’re currently eating 50g of oatmeal for breakfast, increase your serving size to 80 or 100g. If you add 1 tablespoon peanut butter, double this to 2 tablespoons. In short, make the most of every meal by making it as large as possible.

3. Make weight gainer smoothies

Gain Weight

An easy way to get extra calories is to make a high-calorie smoothie. It is much easier for your stomach to drink a smoothie than to eat the same food. It can be very wise to consume 1 to 2 smoothies per day. You can even incorporate lipids directly into your smoothies by adding a teaspoon of flax or a handful of nuts to increase their caloric density.

4. Eat vegan junk food

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Gain Weight

When the basics of your diet are healthy, eating vegan junk food now and then is a good way to get extra calories. There’s nothing wrong with eating vegan chocolate every now and then. You can try to look for new vegan snacks in the supermarket.

5. Eat more often

When you are just starting with a vegan diet, it can be difficult to eat such large portions. Your body needs to get used to this. Therefore, it is good to eat more often. The more often you eat, the easier it is to get more calories. Eat a lot of snacks in addition to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose high-calorie snacks such as nuts and seeds, bananas with peanut butter or almond paste, smoothies, dried fruit, etc.

6. Take rest

Engaging in exercise will burn calories that would have been used to gain weight. You can always do some gentle yoga, stretching, and short, gentle walks to feel better. To gain weight and build muscle, it is very important that you rest enough. The more you exercise, the more you have to eat to gain weight. So, don’t make it more difficult for yourself. Just take plenty of rest and sleep.


It is certainly possible to gain weight in a healthy way with a plant-based diet. Make the most of every meal by eating larger portions of high-calorie foods. In addition, eat more often, take tasty snacks between meals, and enjoy unhealthy snacks now and then. Make sure you give your body enough rest so that the extra calories you eat can be stored instead of burning them again.


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