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Robert Cheeke – Vegan Bodybuilder

Robert Cheeke is a champion vegan bodybuilder who cited his happy childhood experiences on their family farm as his source of inspiration that would make him later to embrace veganism.


At the age of 15 in high school in Oregon state, he was already organizing animal rights programs including recycling programs and the provision of vegan meals to destitute people through Food Not Bombs.


Robert Cheeke didn’t start in sports right away as a bodybuilder. His athletic career was initiated when he became an Oregon State University cross country runner in 1999. It was there where he developed a fancy for strength training and weightlifting.

In 2000, he transformed into a competitive bodybuilder. Just five years later, he triumphed as the Novice Champion in the INBA Northwestern USA Natural Bodybuilding In 2009, he was top in his class division in that same natural bodybuilding championship.


Robert Cheeke, whose nickname is RC, is at present a writer and motivational speaker. He is an activist for vegan concerns and spends touring time on the lecture and speech circuit in the USA for talk invitations and book launches.

He also has a fitness site. It is called Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness. He also endorses Sequel Naturals and at the same time, he is their national coordinator for the USA. He also promotes Vega Foods Supplements.

Robert Cheeke is also a founder of C-VEG, a vegan group based in his hometown of Corvallis, Oregon. He is also a past board member of Northwest VEG and OrganicAthlete which are non profit groups in Portland.

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A documentary titled Vegan Fitness:Built Naturally, was released by Cheeke in 2006 featuring him and fellow vegan athletes, Tonya Kay and Brendan Brazier. Cheeke has also guested for several radio interviews and was selected as one of the 15 vegan athletes with most influence by VegNews magazine. He was also featured in Williamette Week and also in Organic Lifestyle Magazine. So, Cheeke, had ran the whole gamut of media – film, radio, internet and print to promote the cause of veganism and animal rights.


Aside from touring the USA and talking about the vegan lifestyle and animal rights, Robert Cheeke also writes books. He owns best selling rights to the following healthy living books – Plant Based Muscle; Shred It: Your Complete Guide to Burning Fat and Building Muscle on a Whole Food, Plant Based Diet and other books that are up and coming.


Robert Cheeke shares that his favorite source of vegan protein are burrito bowls that are flowing with protein rich food like beans. Generally, he eats 3,100 calories every day which he bases on his 6 feet height and 215 pound requirements. His calories also depend on his physical and mental activities during the day, so he adjusts accordingly. Additionally, if he is training, he eats even more.


As a 2 time natural bodybuilding champion, he is a great model to anyone who want to imbibe his true story of evolution from a skinny rural kid to a championship level vegan bodybuilder.



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