ceiling fan review

Living room ceiling fan review

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Rio 54-inch Ceiling Fan with Integrated Light Kit also comes with a Remote Control, Brushed Nickel Finish

This is a 3 blade ceiling fan with brushed nickel finish. This ceiling fan also comes with a frosted cased white glass bowl light. There is a 3 speed setting on this ceiling fan that also has a dimming light function. The motor is quiet and also has the reversible motor for easy maneuvering of blade direction during summer and winter.

With a 54-inches blade that is designed for medium to large-sized rooms. The product dimension is 9.7×11.5×24.7 inches and weighing 18.45 pounds, its style is contemporary made of metal, glass, and wood product combined. It is a remote-controlled ceiling fan as well.


a) Why do we need a ceiling fan in the living room?

ceiling fan review

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home as it adds style, elegance, and class to your living room. It is also money well spent because not only will you keep your living room cool, but you can also save money by using the ceiling fan instead of the air conditioners during summer and less need to up the thermostat during winter.


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b) How many ceiling fans do I need in the large and small family room?

ceiling fan review

You can consider the measurement of your family room to know how many ceiling fans you need to install. Ideally, in a room that is not too big, one ceiling fan is enough, or else you will just overdo it with ceiling fans. You can just choose the size of the fan by knowing how many square meters are your small room and your large room, and from there it is easy to decide. Rooms that are bigger than 20×15 feet will be better off with 2 medium-sized fans, include in the decision making if you also have a high ceiling.


If you have a high ceiling though, some homeowners buy a dual-headed ceiling fan rather than installing 2 separate ceiling fans.


c) Features of this ceiling fan.

 ceiling fan review

Considered lightweight and only comes with a 3 blade which is an advantage when you need to clean it, even with fewer blades it can move a lot of air to cool the whole space. They make it of plastic but were made carefully to still include the class and style you are looking for in a ceiling fan. The blades are secured and locked in place with heavy-duty bolts, unlike other available models.

The bulbs can be replaced too if you prefer. Quiet when in use and even when it is at high speed which is beneficial to users.


d) Pros and Cons of this ceiling fan

ceiling fan review


Lightweight. It is not as heavy as other ceiling fans.

It only has 3 blades. This comes with only 3 blades, which helps in making it lightweight.

Classy style. They make a fan of plastic that still looks classy and stylish.

Low priced. This fan is more cost-effective than the other brands available in the market.

Remote controlled. It comes with remote control still to make usage as comfortable as possible.

They attach blades using bolts. With bolts in place, this makes it safer.

Less noise. Quiet when in use even if you choose the high speed.

Simple installation. Manual is easy to follow.

Works with Alexa. For ease of use with a voice control method.

The light bulb is changeable. You can choose led if you prefer for the light bulb.

It can be reversed. This fan has a reversible motor.


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Blades still detach from its body or may snap. Screws or bolts that are keeping the blades in place come off.

Lights are a bit dim. You cannot use it when you need to do some tasks. It can be replaced though.

Some say this does not work with Alexa.

Not as quiet as advertised.

If installed incorrectly, there is a tendency for the fan to wobble, cause too much noise, and may not work as expected.

Some users are disappointed because of the plastic blades, which according to them makes the ceiling fan look cheap.

A strange odor usually comes off with first use.

Reverse switch is on the fan body and not on the remote control.




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