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Lose weight with cycling

Surely you’ve heard that cycling is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight, right? Well, that is true, but it does not happen immediately, let alone if we do not follow a series of strict routines to complement that exercise.


These requirements apply to both beginners and experienced cyclists looking to improve their time on both wheels, so it is essential to take them very seriously. The process of achieving real weight loss with the bike is not very different from other sports that require great resistance, such as athletics. However, cycling requires a much stricter diet and with a series of specific foods that ensure we are strong and fed, while preventing us from accumulating fats.


This is because cycling, even if it doesn’t seem like it, requires a lot of strength, so we will have to lose weight but without losing too much muscle. On the other hand, when we run we athletes only need to have reserves to be able to take the long distances of the races, but during that distance we will only have to bear our own weight. On the other hand, in the case of cycling, we have to bear our own weight while overcoming the resistance exerted by the bicycle itself, that is, we exert twice as much force as running.


Therefore, it will be essential to follow a diet prepared by a professional who guarantees us a good diet, while helping us to achieve weight loss and improve our resistance by riding a bicycle. You’re interested? Take note!

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Eating less and better

	Lose weight

It is vital that we establish a very strict daily meal plan, making three full meals a day. In this way, we will be making sure to make a sufficient intake of useful food for the whole day, which will keep us healthy strong.


What in turn will help us avoid the temptation to nibble between small hours “snacks” loaded with calories, which will only delay us on our way to the ideal weight.


Pedaling more often but at a good pace

	Lose weight

This does not mean that we should be every day pedalling like crazy until we fall exhausted, no. Since it would be totally counterproductive. What we will have to do is pedal more often so that our body is accustomed, but at a moderate pace, that is, the one necessary for our body to burn fats but without having to remain without energy reserves.


Experts explain that the ideal rhythm to achieve this is one that keeps our heart rate between 68 and 79 beats. At this level it will be sufficient to meet our objectives.


Avoid the snacks in race

	Lose weight

This may seem strange to you, as there are millions of brands of snacks for cyclists to help them recharge their energy in mid-race, but the truth is that if we want to gain power and do not gain any fat.

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We must also avoid them. If the journey is less than one hour, no snack will be necessary, we will have to wait to get home and take the next meal and refresh ourselves. On the other hand, if the race exceeds the hour, experts recommend that the maximum intake of carbohydrates per hour of journey is 60 to 80 grams.


Introduce the bike into your daily life

Lose weight

In our day-to-day commuting is natural and unavoidable, so using those movement opportunities to get it on a bike is another great tool to improve our performance.


If we can go to work by bike instead of taking the car, go shopping on two wheels ( if the weight is not excessive) or change routes to go to usual places to lengthen the journey and spend more time on the bike, better than better.


All these tips will help us on our way to a safe and healthy weight loss, while also making us improve our brands as cyclists. They are all advantages!

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