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Transferwise is a great choice for international money transfers with quick transactions, great customer service, and lots of satisfied customers. And to top it all, they are providing an amazing user experience – it’s very easy to sign up and log in, transfers are very easy and efficient. They are currently supporting sending money to 71 countries from 43 different countries which means that they’re covering more than 1000 country combinations across 49 currencies, and still growing. Focusing on making bank transfers more affordable, it’s no wonder that the money transfer industry is calling Tramsferwise “Robin Hood” of the industry.



OFX is trying to be good a provider, you can use their services over the phone with an OFX dealer or using the mobile app which is available for iOS and Android users. OFX has one of the best exchange rates in the finance industry and they can get even better with more money you send and can drop to 0.4%. The app is simple to use with a few different options. You can see different things such as your past transfers or the recipients. The most important thing – it’s very easy to transfer the money with it. After clicking transfer now you need to fill in the requested information and that’s it. You’ll see all the important information such as the status of the transfer, how much you transferred, and what’s your transfer fee.


Currencies Direct


Unlike many others, Currencies Direct is offering its services to suit both private and corporate clients. This company has experts working for them which makes their customer support very good and efficient. The customer support will help you with any problem you may have and they’ll do it over e-mails or phone calls. The Currencies Direct app is not too complicated, just a bit different than the OFX one. The app will offer you 4 different options, pretty much standard – Home, Transfer, Buy currency, Alerts. When you’re transferring money, you’ll be asked to put in all the information of the recipient and to choose currency as well as the amount of money you’re sending. The app will automatically calculate your exchange rate.

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World First


As one of the well known and best-established currency exchange providers, World First is a company based in the UK. They are offering their services to both private and corporate clients, just as Currencies Direct. They are designed for transferring a large amount of money, so they have a minimum transfer limit of 250 GBP, This may be an inconvenience for those who want to send less money than this, so if that’s the case, you should skip this company. They have a great online and telephone support with a simple and easy app.




The XE company provides strong support and great services especially for those in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Their app is multilingual and you can transfer money in 60 currencies to over 70 different countries. They are mostly focused on online transactions, which is great news for those who don’t want to spend their time doing things differently. The XE app is very detailed and you’ll be able to do everything you may need – you can even track the value of some currencies. Once you get used to it, this app is pretty easy to use.



TorFX is a company with great customer service which makes the whole experience of sending money abroad very easy. You can use the app or call them and do everything over the phone. They have competitive exchange rates that get better with transferring larger amounts of money. However, if you’re the type of person that likes to do everything online and wants to transfer a smaller amount of money, this may not be for you. Unfortunately, they are a bit slower at some online situations but they have their good sides – they shine when it comes to saving money while transferring larger amounts. Their app is very simple and similar to others with only a few options.



Payoneer is a company that has a wide range of payment services. Payment fees are not the best, but they are still reasonable. However, some other hidden fees can quickly add up leaving you to pay more than you expected. The Payoneer app is designed to complement their web accounts and you can use it to quickly check your currency and card balance as well as to track transactions. The app will give you the possibility to easily share receiving account details with the clients and will notify you about different account activities such as special offers or important financial transactions. This app is available in over 20 languages.

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Revolut’s main focus is on their clients – they want to adapt as much as they can and make their customers feel as they have control over their banking issues. They are offering both personal and business accounts and international money spending and transactions with no hidden fees – the opposite of the Payoneer. Their app is designed for you to transfer your money easily and quickly, to send money abroad, to use Google Pay, and for so much more. The app will send you notifications every time there’s a change in your account, it has a built-in budgeting, option for buying and selling currencies, and an easy way to send money wherever you need it. You can keep track of your monthly spending, set up budgets for things such as restaurants or bars. This app is detailed and offers so much more than just an option to transfer money. Some people are saying that it’s just like a street bank, but better.

World Remit


World Remit app is trying to keep up with the rest of that industry so you’ll be able to transfer money in over 150 countries. They are offering some good options for you – depending on the country you’re sending money, you can choose where do you want your money to end up – in the bank of the recipient or their mobile account. Their app is very simple and easy to use and it’s very similar to other companies in this field.



Currencyfair has its good and bad sides. For example, you can transfer money into 150 different countries but you’re limited with only 20 currencies. They are trustworthy, but also have a limited number of ways fo fund your transactions. However, this company has been the winner of 2019 Best International Money Transfer in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards. They have excellent customer support and a simple app anyone can use.


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