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The Best Recipes for 9 Types of Turkey Sausage

Turkey sausage is one of the top breakfast sausages around the world. Many people who prefer this type of sausage are those who want to add more protein to their morning meal. Another advantage of having turkey sausage instead of pork or any other type of meat is that it is significantly lower in saturated fat content than other meats.


If you have been looking for the best turkey sausage recipes, you have come to the right place. Here we will look at a number of things related to this popular breakfast sausage including the number of calories it offers, its overall nutrition, and how to make turkey sausage patties. Moreover, we will discuss the differences between smoked turkey sausage and Italian turkey sausage as well as some interesting facts about this breakfast option.


So, without further ado let’s get started.

turkey sausage

Is Turkey Sausage Healthy?

Before we look at the recipes and all, the most important thing to know is whether turkey sausage is healthy for you. If we compare it to pork breakfast sausage, it definitely is. It not only contains fewer calories but is also low in saturated fat content. It has also been observed that people on a diet can actually have turkey sausage as an alternative to chicken sausage because both of them offer almost the same number of calories.

In addition, traditional and homemade turkey sausage does not contain any hormones or steroids. It’s a gluten-free choice and therefore quite healthy and delicious.


Butterball Turkey Sausage

If you are looking for a ready-made turkey sausage that can be prepared within 10 minutes, butterball turkey sausage is for you. All you have to do is cook it for about 10 to 12 minutes in a skillet and it will be ready. It’s a hardwood smoked turkey sausage, a healthier alternative to beef and pork sausages, and contains no MSG.

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Italian vs. Smoked Turkey Sausage

Italian sausage is generally available in two variations: hot and sweet. It can be grilled or sauteed depending on your preference and can also be used as a topping on pizza. Most people serve grilled Italian sausage with onions and bell peppers. It can be removed from its casing and served with pasta. Italian sausage is also known as Salami.


Smoked sausage, on the other hand, is a type of sausage that has been cured using burned wood. There are both cooked and uncooked varieties of smoked turkey sausages available out there. Fully cooked smoked sausage is known as Kielbasa. This type of sausage has to be flavored with different spices and herbs. It is just as healthy as any other type of turkey sausage and is rich in vitamin D, niacin, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and thiamin.

turkey sausage

Turkey Sausage Recipes


If you are looking for easy to follow breakfast recipes that use turkey sausage as an ingredient, you will find them here. So, let’s look at some mouth-watering recipes you can try at home using turkey sausages.

1. Red Beans and Sausage Salad

If you are fond of red beans, why not combine them with the healthy breakfast option and make them even more devourable? Bring your favorite blend of spices and herbs to the table along with boiled red beans and sliced turkey sausages.

2. Italian Tortellini Soup

This soup makes use of sausage links with casings removed along with cheese tortellini, some vegetables, and a few spices. This soup is highly nutritious especially if you make it the right way. It offers 16g of protein and about 203 calories in a 1-1/3 cups.

3. Sausage Broccoli Simmer

If you want to prepare dinner in just half and hour, use this recipe. It uses pasta along with sliced turkey sausage links, broccoli, parsley, onion, tomatoes, and dried basil. It offers about 384 calories in a single serving.

4. Stuffing and Sausage Strata

If you like sausage stuffing, this recipe is for you. It doesn’t use a lot of ingredients, which makes it even easier to follow. All you need is turkey sausage links, fresh mushrooms, cooked stuffing, eggs, and cheddar cheese.

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5. Pizza Spaghetti

If you are a fan of both pizza and Italian breakfast sausages, try this recipe at home and you won’t be disappointed. It combines turkey sausages with ground beef and Parmesan cheese. It’s quite easy to make and offers about 25g of protein and 354 calories in 1-1/3 cups.

turkey sausage

Turkey Stuffing With Sausage


If you want to make turkey sausage stuffing, you can use stuffing cubes easily available on the supermarket. If you can find bulk Italian turkey sausage without the casing, it is even better. Saute onions and garlic in butter and add turkey sausage to the pan. Use a spatula to break apart the sausage into smaller pieces. Add this mixture to the stuffing cubes with any choice of veggies that you like to eat.

Bake this mixture in a baking dish until the top is crisp. Your turkey stuffing with sausage is ready!


Turkey Sausage Nutrition


A lot of people are curious about the nutritional contents of turkey sausage. We have already discussed that it’s a healthier option than beef or pork sausage and offers almost the same number of calories as chicken sausages. If we consider about 75g of sausage, which is one link, we see that it contains about 147 calories. Total fat content is 7.8g, out of which 1.7g is saturated and the rest is made up of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and trans fats.


The same serving contains about 69mg of cholesterol and 499mg of sodium. It has about 18g of protein and 224mg of potassium. In addition, turkey sausage contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

turkey sausage



Turkey breakfast sausage is healthy, nutritious, and very delicious. You can make tons of recipes using this type of sausage as an ingredient and enjoy the rich smokey flavor. If we look at turkey sausage calorie, we find that it contains about 90 calories per serving and 2 grams of saturated fat in the same amount. This is about half the number of calories found in pork sausage. So, you can just compare the two and see that turkey breakfast sausage is clearly the healthier option.

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