The Supplementing Vegan

The Supplementing Vegan

In recent years, the trend towards a free diet of animal products has grown exponentially, giving rise to all kinds of very complete vegan diets. The reasons why a person can decide to become a vegan can be very diverse: ethics, morals, religion, food intolerances or health.


However, whatever the reason for embarking on this new lifestyle, we must ensure that we do it well, that is, without vitamin deficiencies or deficits. One of the main controversies that veganism generates is this: Does being vegan mean eating less and worse? slutty vegan


It is clear to the food experts that this statement is erroneous, as it has been fully demonstrated that a vegan person can be just as fed as another person who introduces meat and other types of food of animal origin into his diet.


However, it has also been admitted that certain vitamins and supplements necessary for the proper functioning of our organism, can be more difficult to ingest through a totally vegetable diet. This does not mean that we cannot get these nutrients from plants, but that the concentration per gram they have is lower than what is estimated as “the ideal daily dose”.


With this statement, nutritionists do not intend to discredit this diet, much less. Since there have been several studies that have stated that a vegan person can be even better fed than a traditional omnivore. This does not, however, eliminate the certainty that a vegan person is at greater risk of certain dietary deficiencies, although it will always depend on the lifestyle and the rigour and balance of his diet.


Also, if that person is an athlete and has a hectic lifestyle, his or her diet will require twice as many nutrients as that of a sedentary and much quieter person. Doubling the need to add some kind of supplement that brings balance and energy.


Contrary to what some strict vegans may think, using supplements in the form of pills or drinks is not rejecting veganism. Basically because these supplements will be free of any animal ingredient, therefore using them is totally valid, both ethically and nutritionally.


Then we’ll give you a small list of the best supplements any vegan should introduce into his diet, to improve and complete his daily diet. We started!

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Vitamin B12 


If you’re talking about vegan supplements, we can”t forget to mention vitamin B12. This is the most difficult vitamin to be ingested through a diet based on vegetables, since it is a vitamin that comes exclusively from food of animal origin.


Therefore, getting to have a considerable amount of vitamin B12 in our organism being vegans will depend exclusively on whether we decide to take some pill that gives it to us. There are no other options.


Vitamin B12 is essential in the functioning of our body, being responsible for the sintering of red blood cells, it is involved in the functioning of our brain functions and in the formation of the tissues of the nervous system. It is therefore logical that all nutritionists recommend their use, as otherwise we may experience problems of concentration, depression or fatigue.


Calcium. slutty vegan menu


Another common deficiency among vegans is calcium. Although there are many who argue that there are vegetables such as kale or chard that have this property, the fact is that its consumption would never guarantee us to reach the recommended dose of calcium, which is estimated at 1000 mg daily.


Calcium is involved in the development of our bone structure, is a cardiovascular protector and helps us to develop and maintain a stable nervous system. It is important to eliminate this deficiency, especially among women, as they have a greater tendency to a calcium deficit as they get older, and may cause problems such as arthritis or osteoporosis.


Calcium is very easy to find in the form of small pills that we should take with our meals. We should never exceed the recommended dose, as we may experience fatigue or nausea.


Iodine .slutty vegan locations


Iodine is a fundamental mineral in the development and proper functioning of our thyroid glands. It therefore intervenes in the regulation of our energy, as well as in the functioning of our metabolism. In vegan diets, it is common to find a deficiency of iodine, although there are different types of algae that could provide it, but it would never be enough.


In addition, various studies claim that the consumption of some seeds, such as flax or soybeans, can interfere with the absorption of the whole and its functions, and therefore suggest limiting its consumption. Fortunately, iodine is a mineral very easy to find in capsule format and its price is not too high.

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Vitamin D


As with vitamin B12, vitamin D is usually obtained in animal foods. This causes people who follow a very strict vegan diet to develop a deficiency of this vitamin and with it serious health problems.


Vitamin D is involved in the proper functioning of our immune system, as well as in our bone and muscle functions. Therefore, a deficiency of this vitamin, especially in the winter months in which we cannot absorb it through sunlight, can leave us very exposed to various diseases, make us feel tired and unable to carry our daily life normally.




Being a vegan and sporty person doesn’t have to be a problem. It is true that there are vegetables that can provide a good amount of protein for our body, but it would never be enough, especially if we practice sport very regularly.


A vegan person who does not reach the recommended daily dose of protein may become fatigued during his routines, eventually causing a feeling of generalized tiredness.


Therefore, protein powder of vegetable origin is the ideal choice for any vegan who wants to continue practicing their sport normally. The recommended dosage ranges from 40 to 55 grams and can be taken as a smoothie or with juices at any time of the day.



Omega 3 and 6


Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are very important for the correct functioning of multiple parts of our organism, intervening in brain functions, in the protection of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, regulates our mood and even interferes with the health of our skin.


In addition, many studies have shown that these fatty acids are very important in the prevention of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Therefore, if you are vegan you should seriously consider supplementing your diet with tablets made from linseed oil. Normally they are made from fish oils, but if you are a strict vegan you will probably discard this option.


In conclusion, whether you are vegan or not, the use of vitamin supplements is fully recommended to ensure a proper functioning of all the basic functions of our organism. However, the type of supplements and the daily dosage will always depend on each person, their diet, weight and sex. There are never two cases alike.

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