Tips for learning the electric guitar

Starting to play the electric guitar can become an odyssey. If you are lucky that your family is dedicated to music in some way it will not be so complicated, but if it is not, it may be more expensive. Still, you have two options to learn, the first has to do with the conservatory and the second is based on intuition. With all this, we can give you some tips such as the following:

Trial and error


In this case, it can be applied to any objective that we have both in academic life, as well as in personal or professional life. Under normal conditions, it is the first method of learning to play an instrument that is new to us. You can start by getting familiar with the instrument itself, in our case with the electric guitar. This can be effective if you have a good ear for music. You can try and if it sounds good to continue, but if it sounds bad, change. It is simple, but you have to learn from your mistakes, otherwise, it will be the slowest method.

Chord chart


One of the main goals you have to achieve playing the guitar with chords. Depending on the person, learning to play individual notes or note scales is extremely boring. So if you want to play all the strings at the same time so that the sound that comes out is harmonious, you will need a chord chart. It is one of the most visual methods for learning to play the electric guitar.

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Tablature as an essential tool


Learning to read tablature is easier than reading sheet music. Although it looks like, there are 6 lines to represent the guitar strings. The numbers are in charge of transmitting the frets where we have to play. So learning to read tablature is a great way to learn to play melodies or chords in seconds.

Face to face with private lessons


The most efficient way is to hire a professional who knows how to play the instrument. The great advantage is that the teacher can correct you immediately and give you the technical advice you need at that specific moment. It can be complementary to the classes that are given in a conservatory, although you do not have to attend a conservatory to learn. Many people learn to play the instrument before reading a proper score. But the idea is to learn to read the score beforehand and translate it to play any type of instrument.



Another possibility is to learn through the famous tutorials within various platforms such as YouTube. You can find a wide variety of videos for beginners especially, but also for other more experienced users. To this, we must include all kinds of possible learning techniques and methods. But without a doubt, the most important advantage is that it is free.

Therefore, you have several possibilities to learn to play the electric guitar, for this, you can learn by trying to see how it sounds worse or better, you also have to learn to read tablature to better play the guitar chords. Another option is to hire a person to teach you, the most relevant advantage is that it can correct all the aspects in which you fail at the moment. Finally, you can see all kinds of beginner tutorials to help you get started.

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