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Tips & Recipe – How to make a perfect Latte coffee

Before talking about how to make perfect latte and the latte recipe, there is something to be said about two things without which latte coffee would not exist. These are the perfect espresso and beautiful and firm milk foam.


Before perfect latte comes perfect espresso



The fact that having a high-quality espresso is one of the essentials for retaining guests is a well-known thing. The secret to perfect espresso is the following:


The mill


The mill should be grounded so that the extraction time for one normal espresso is 25-30 seconds. If the extraction lasts more than 30 seconds, the mill should be narrated for coarser grinding. If the extraction takes less than 25 seconds, the mill should be adjusted for finer grinding.


At the mill, regular cleaning of the coffee bean silo, as well as the ground coffee silo, is important because of the accumulation of essential oils that the coffee emits. Because of these oils, if the mill is not cleaned regularly, the silo can take on a sour taste and transfer it to the coffee.


The dose of coffee for one espresso we recommend to our customers is 0,25 ounces.


Coffee grinding

How to

Grinding coffee is a very important step in getting a good espresso because the wrong grind can heat the coffee to the point that it turns the first-class blend into a burnt powder. If you grind coffee too roughly, it becomes less soluble, so water flows through it without extracting the aroma or taste. On the other hand, if we grind the coffee too finely, we get a drink with a very strong and unpleasant burnt taste.


Making of the perfect espresso

How to

The water temperature for quality coffee must be up to 197 ÂF The water pressure in the tank is 1.0 – 1.2 bar. The pressure of the centrifugal pump must be 9 atmospheres (9,11 Bar). The ground coffee pressure in the filter must be 20-25 kiloponds. Pouring time of 0,85/1,00 Oz of coffee (the equivalent of ideal espresso) is 25-30 seconds. The coffee temperature in the cup after pouring must be 149 ÂF.


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How to recognize the perfection of espresso

How to

The perfection of espresso coffee is recognized in the cup by 3 to 4 mm thick cream, hazelnut color with light dark brown stretch marks, and the sugar decaying slowly through the cream, which is completely regenerated after mixing. The amount of one espresso coffee is a few short sips of pleasure that become a moment of relaxation, happiness, and recovery.


Now imagine adding the perfectly steamed milk to that perfectly made espresso! We are almost there.


The perfect latte

How to

Short description:

The amount of coffee needed to make a latte is 0,25 Oz or one dose of coffee. The milk that is added is hot steamed milk topped with foamed milk. When a thick milk cream is created, carefully pour the milk over espresso coffee in a 3:1 milk-coffee ratio. Served in wide large mugs. Some people call this drink cappuccino without chocolate.


Recipe to make perfect latte

How to

To prepare latte you need:

  • steamed milk
  • espresso
  • foamed milk
  • Coffee machine
  • Milk jug


  1. Milk must be cold, taken from the refrigerator, and must have a high percentage of fat.
  2. For starters, pour the milk into a jug and place it under the steaming handle before turning it on. Slowly foam the milk, making sure that the foam you create is firm and stable. Make sure to pure about up to 1/3 of milk into the jug, and leave enough space for milk to expand.
  3. After making the foam, gently peel a couple of times at the table to remove any excess bubbles from the foam.
  4. It is now up to making espresso that has to cover 1/3 of the cups for the cafe latte.
  5. After making the espresso, take a jug of frothy milk and start pouring. Begin pouring from a higher height and finish low at the cup level.


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To make perfect late add some solid milk foam at the end of the milk pouring, which you get by foaming the milk.


Steamed milk will fill up the remaining 2/3 of a latte cup.


Latte art: Learn all about pouring properly heated milk into your coffee

How to

For a special experience and enjoyment of latte coffee, coffee makers use the latte art skill. Have you ever sat in a cafe, ordered a coffee, and then seen a smile, a teddy bear, or were you fascinated by the flower in your cup? Whatever was drawn, one thing is for sure – it did not leave you indifferent! The art of drawing in milk foam has become a real art that we sometimes even try to make at home. The method known as latte art is a real sensation in the coffee world.


Latte art consists of two colloidal systems: cream, which is an emulsion of coffee oil and microfoam, which is essentially a foam in milk made under the pressure of air. Neither of these two colloids is stable. The cream dissolves from espresso, and the microfoam breaks down into dry foam and liquid milk. Because of this, this fine art in a cup of coffee has a very short life span.


First of all, successful latte art requires patience. If you do not succeed at first, do not get discouraged. The second most important step is to make an espresso, whose surface is slightly creamy, as mentioned earlier. It is exactly the so-called cream mentioned before. After the milk has been steam-heated and a firmer and more silky foam has formed on the surface of the milk, it can then be poured into the coffee. When the milk is poured, the foam is separated from the liquid. Then real coffee with milk is obtained. But for real art, it takes a little more effort. It is necessary to pour milk foam on top of the coffee with gentle hand movements. Those who are not quite sure about their hands and a pot of milk can be creative with the help of sticks.





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