vegan cheese

What is vegan cheese made from?

Cheese is a dairy product; however, the vegan cheese is dairy-free. If vegan cheese is dairy-free; you might be wondering and asking what is vegan cheese made from? Vegan cheese is made from vegetable proteins. Vegetable ingredients that are used to make cheese include soy, cashew nuts, coconut oil, tofu, almond, pumpkin seeds,


Various flavours of vegan cheese and their use. 

vegan cheese

Vegan cheese has different flavours and textures like traditional cheese. There is mozzarella, parmesan, cream, ricotta, and more. These flavours taste like the original traditional cheese. If you prepare your food using vegan cheese, people might not tell that it is not traditional cheese. The difference in taste is minimal in some flavours. The notable difference is in texture.


Popular flavours

Soft cheese – varieties in vegan cheese include brie, camembert and ricotta.

Shredded cheese – cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan styles are available in vegan cheese. These can be used in toping pizza, potatoes, casseroles, and more.

Parmesan – the vegan parmesan can be used for topping pizza, pasta, and more

Cream cheese – there are different flavours of vegan cream cheese such as pumpkin cream cheese, chive and onion cream cheese, bagel cream cheese, and more. The vegan cream cheese can be used in sauces and for spreading.

Block and sliced cheese – block and sliced cheese have cheddar, provolone, smoked gouda, and more. They can be used on sandwiches, crackers, vegetable dishes, and more.

Nacho cheese – nacho cheese can be used in sauces

Popular Vegan Cheese Ingredients

Vegan cheese is made from vegetable products and other ingredients such as colorants and preservatives. Below is a list of ingredients that make the different vegan cheese flavours.


Soy is extracted from soybeans and it can be in the form of powder. The soy protein which is used to make cheese, come in the form of powder. Tofu is also a soybean extraction that is used to make cheese. Soy protein can be used to replace meat and dairy ingredients that are used in traditional dairy cheese. The soy cheese has additional ingredients such as oils and gums that used to blend the texture and taste. These ingredients make the vegan soy cheese taste similar to the real traditional cheese.

Soy Benefits

Cholesterol free

Lowers blood pressure

Low saturated fat

Omega 3 fats

Controls body weight

Protect women from bone loss

Blocks development of cancer

Controls blood sugar


Flour can be used to make vegan cheese. Some vegan cheese is made from tapioca, arrowroot, potato and all-purpose flour. The flour ingredient can be combined with various ingredients like nuts, soy, beans and other ingredients. Some cream cheese, block and slice cheese are made from flour and the results may differ according to the additional ingredients.


Easy to digest

Low sodium

Good source of calcium

Source of iron


Good source of energy and weight gain


Coconut milk, cream and oil can be used in vegan cheese as a base ingredient. Most cream cheeses are made from coconut extracts. The coconut extracts are mixed with other various ingredients such as tapioca, potato starch, corn starch, carrageenan, and other ingredients to come up with a yummy cheese texture. Flavouring ingredients are also used to tone down the coconut oil taste. Flavour ingredients that can be added to coconut cheese may include, onion powder, lemon juice, garlic powder and other ingredients of choice.


Powerful antioxidants

Reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases

Help in weight lose


Promotes blood sugar regulation

Nuts and seeds

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Vegan cheese also contains various nuts and seeds such as cashew, macadamia, almonds, pinenuts, pecan, pumpkin and sunflowers seeds. These ingredients can be mixed with other ingredients. Nuts and seeds require less processing and they are safe than other products which can be highly processed. Highly processed ingredients have less nutritional value. Nut and seed based vegan cheese are easy to make and you can have your home-based cheese products. Nuts and seeds can be prepared like any other traditional cheese ingredients. They can be soaked, fermented and blended. Salt, spices, herbs, nutritional yeast are some of the ingredients that can be used together with seeds and nuts to make vegan cheese.

Benefits of pumpkin seeds

Improves metabolism healthy

Reduces cardiovascular-related diseases

Good source of zinc

Great soothing effect that promotes quality sleep

Improves prostate health

Have anti-oxidants and anti-cancer properties

Control of diabetes

Reduce inflammation

Nuts benefits

Contain saturated fats

Reduce cholesterol

Contain antioxidants

High in fibre

Reduce inflammation

Lower risk of heart attack and stroke

Root vegetables

Some vegan cheese is made from vegetable roots. Popular roots that are used as ingredients include carrots and potatoes. These vegetables are blended with other ingredients such as sail, oil and spices to come up with soft cheese that can be used in sauces.



Improves digestion

Contains antioxidants

Lower cholesterol

Good source of fibre


Aquafaba comes from legume seeds such as chickpeas. The water that comes from boiled or canned chickpeas can be used to make vegan cheese. Aquafaba functions as an egg white. It allows the end product to act like dairy cheeses when heated. Aquafaba can be mixed with other ingredients such as coconut cream, agar-agar, and other ingredients.



Low in calories

Contains antioxidants

Is vegan cheese healthy?

Vegan cheese is made from vegetable products, and vegetables are safer than animal products. The vegetables such as nuts, pumpkin seeds, coconut, cashew are nutritious foods with various benefits.

However, some vegan cheese contains highly processed vegetable products. Some of the highly processed ingredients in vegan cheese include sodium, preservatives, colour additives, refined oils, and more. Highly processed products have less nutritional value. Therefore you must use it carefully and avoid short exchanging your body with less nutritional foods. When you are buying vegan cheese go through the nutritional table and the ingredients to know the nutrition value of the cheese that you taking.

Vegan cheese contains more fibre, vitamins and minerals. These may be harmful to the digestive system. Any food can be unhealthy if you binge on it. Likewise, it is unhealthy to eat a lot of vegan cheese. Eating the right amount of vegan cheese is safer.


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1.Some vegan cheese uses vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is highly processed and heated. Highly processed oil can cause inflammation.

2.Soy has negative effects on human bodies. They cause hormone imbalances. Your body might end up being dominated by estrogen which is associated with low libido, breast cancer, endometriosis, and more. Soy may affect your thyroid. It may block iodine from reaching thyroid. Fermented soy might be safe.

3.Some vegetables may be genetically modified. Genetically Modified Organisms food is not safe for human bodies. It is toxic and may result in allergies turning your body to be antibiotic resistance.

4.Some vegan cheese contains a lot of oil and salt. Salt and oil may result in cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, palpitations, fluid retention and other conditions.

5.Vegan cheese contains preservatives. Preservatives may cause allergies, palpitations and other conditions.

6.Some vegan cheese has colour additives. Colour additives may be toxic and cause allergic reactions, digestive disorders and other conditions.

Things to remember when buying vegan cheese

1.Read ingredients carefully when buying cheese to avoid unhealthy food that might make you sick in future.

2.Avoid cheese that contains GMO foods and go organic. It might be difficult to identify cheese that is made from non-GMO foods. The tip is buying foods that are non-GMO verified.

3.Avoid highly processed ingredients; instead, buy cheese made of whole food plants. Cheap cheese is usually made from poor ingredients that might be unsafe. An expensive cheese might be safe with quality ingredients.

4.Like traditional cheese, vegan cheese contains a high amount of calories, you should eat with care. Eating a lot of vegan cheese make you gain weight which might be unhealthy.

5.Make your own vegan cheese. It is easy to make healthy and tasty vegan cheese on your own at home. You can buy your own organic ingredients that are not genetically modified.

Frequently asked questions


Does vegan cheese taste like real cheese?

Some vegan cheese is made like traditional cheese. The difference between the vegan cheese and the traditional cheese are the ingredients. The vegan cheese is made of concentrated protein while the traditional cheese is made of modified animal protein. The taste, smell, texture of vegan cheese is similar to traditional cheese. You can use vegan cheese the way you use traditional cheese in your food. However, the vegan cheese may not melt like traditional cheese.

How to store vegan cheese?

Like traditional cheese, it has to be refrigerated. Make sure that the container is airtight. It can be kept in the fridge for more than 7 days. Frozen cheese might change the texture and taste. Avoid eating cheese that has changed colour. Dont eat the vegan cheese if the smell is no longer good.

How to make your own cheese

It is easy to make your own cheese at home. Most of the ingredients can be bought in supermarkets and are affordable. At least if you make your own cheese you will use the ingredients that you want. You will be in control of the ingredients.

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